Media 2013

Leandra Roelker is a freshman at Salisbury High School. The effect of negativity instead of positive reinforcement will be discussed during the talk, as well as how hardships create a person’s drive and motivation throughout their life. She chose to present “Is Negative the New Positive?” because she wishes to pursue a career in neurology, and talking about how people overcome challenges and studying what makes people do what they do was an interesting and relevant topic for her to take on. In school, she is a member of Salisbury’s debate team, theater, and tennis team.

Luke Chassard is a senior looking forward to a four year undergraduate study majoring in political science and economics. Following earning a graduate degree in constitutional law, he aspires to attain a position in government as a public servant where he contains a significant influence on decision-making in America. He is most ambitious about the day he has a wife and children. His interests lie in faith, family, friends, and politics. Luke’s energy, over the course of the last couple months, has been allocated toward thinking about the concept of resiliency. Motivated by recent occurrences in his life, Luke desires to share his thoughts with you tonight. He asks you to join him in rethinking resiliency.

Carolyn Boulay is a sophomore at Salisbury High School. She hopes to one day attend Princeton University and eventually study psychiatry. She chose the topic of imperfection because she feels that hiding flaws is a major problem in our society. She believes that people should embrace their true self. At school, she is involved in debate, Key Club, Salisbury High School theatre, band, and chorus, Class of 2016 Advisory, and Scholastic Scrimmage.

Makenna Lenover, a junior at Salisbury High School, has a strong sense of devotion towards others. This is her second year participating in TedxSalisburyHighSchool, and this year she will be incorporating one of her passions into her talk. Makenna runs a nonprofit organization titled Little Known Help Zone and will be referencing the issues she has witnessed during her volunteer work. Makenna hopes to further her endeavors in the humanitarian field along with studying archaeology.

Sarah Kim is a high school senior giving her second TEDx Talk, having previously spoken about sustaining innovation by breaking the shell of standardized education. Sarah also participates in Debate, Model UN, Key Club, chorus, rifle, and is president of the National Honors Society. She plans to pursue a degree in social work after high school, but for now she’ll be challenging the role that smart phones play in our lives, and discussing how it can be changed for the better.

Collin Moyer is a Junior at Salisbury who is inspired to redefine inspiration. In his talk, he hopes to change the way that students and teachers view inspiration and how to obtain it. He aspires to graduate from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Around school, Collin is involved as the Vice President of his class, he participates on the debate team, and is in the process of being inducted into the National Honor Society.

Asia Letlow is a senior at Salisbury High School. Her life is comfortably spaced between a younger sister (Hali) and older sister (Jade). In her free time, she journalizes, and writes poetry. Previously, she has participated in the Fall and Spring productions of SHS Theatre. She aspires to be an English major after she graduates.

Michelle Dang is a senior at Salisbury High School. Here, she currently participates in Tennis, Model U.N. club, Concert Band, and NHS. Her interest in TEDx lies in her admiration for innovative, conceptual ideas and the eloquence and passion of the people who share them. Listening to TED talks has motivated her to find a similar passion for discovery and communication, though, Michelle is unsure in what that field will be…her back-up plan is to major Biology.

Daniel Walters is a junior at Salisbury High School. Contrary to popular belief, he does care, quite a bit actually. The things he cares about are the soccer team, the debate team, Model UN and musical theatre. He wants to go to college to study something, and then travel the world. He believes that we all care too much about the wrong things, and in his talk, he will redefine what we care about.

Austin Watson, a senior falcon spreading his wings and leaving the comfy nest he calls Salisbury High School, presents his thoughts on change by design with a focus inception-al thinking. Austin takes the day as it comes to him. P lanning and organization are the banes of his existence, as well as cliches and irony. Every third sentence Austin formulates usually contains a lie.  He enjoys living in the moment, spontaneous impulsivity, and his gut feelings. He lives by the proverb set forth by Mr. Paul Koba: “It’s not being lazy, it’s being efficient”. Austin’s acute boredom landed him on the Debate Team, on the Scholastic Scrimmage Team, on the Model United Nations Team, as the Key Club’s Treasurer, as the Class of 2014’s Treasurer, and as a speaker for TEDxSalisburyHighSchool.