Media 2012

Sarah Kim
Sarah, a junior, spoke about the question, “Why should we embrace emotion in education?”

Thomas Walters
Tommy, a senior, spoke on an interesting and original topic called, “Why everyone needs a fat lady.”

Makenna Lenover
Makenna, a sophomore, presented, “The falling victim.”

Sinjon Bartel
Sinjon, a junior, spoke about, “The failure paradox.”

Gabby Maramag
Gabby, a junior, discussed, “How loss aversion affects innovation.”

Alan Mendez
Alan, a senior, will discussed the importance of “Improv and Chaos” for innovation.

Casey Creveling
Casey, a senior, answered the question, “Why can’t we innovate?”

Alyssa Sipos
Alyssa is a junior and will speak about the sandbox effect.