Speaker Bios

Jacob Glenister

Jacob Glenister is a sophomore at Salisbury High School. He hopes to attend MIT and graduate with a degree in computer science. He is currently active in debate and Model UN, having won several awards in the latter. He adheres to the virtues of the hacker ethic (not to be confused with modern hackers who break into computer systems) present during the early days of computing and will deliver a talk on using the virtues of this ethic as a basis for a modern system of values.

Makenna Lenover

Makenna Lenover, a senior at Salisbury, is speaking at TedX for the 3rd time, and is essentially the grandma of the group. Watching TedX grow over the years has been a great admiration of hers, and she’s proud to have grown with it. Makenna is the president of National Honor Society and Model UN and runs her own nonprofit organization, Little Known Help Zone. Additionally, in her spare time, Makenna explores her fascinations in music and dirt. She hopes to study archaeology next year, and cannot wait to see where her journey takes her next. She would like to extend her greatest thanks to Mr. Wetherhold for making such a great opportunity possible.

Daniel Walters

Daniel Walters is a senior at Salisbury High School. He participates in debate, theatre, scholastic scrimmage, soccer, track and field, and film competitions. He would like to attend Syracuse University studying Communications and Film. He also thinks you are wrong.

Collin Moyer

Collin Moyer is a Senior at Salisbury who doubts the real purpose of social media. In his talk, he hopes to change the way that our society shares their lives through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He aspires to graduate from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Around school, Collin is involved in the class advisory and he is the Secretary of the Salisbury Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Alexus Baraket

Alexus plays the ukulele and draws frequently. She plans on going to college as a Graphic Design major. Being weird helps her hone in on creativity and she enjoys thinking outside the box

Leandra Roelker

Leandra Roelker is a sophomore at Salisbury High School. In school, she is a member of Salisbury’s tennis, debate, and track and field team, as well as a part of Salisbury theatre. It is Leandra’s second opportunity to appear at TEDx, and this time around she would like to invite you to think about the truth behind disorders and whether they’re really as harmful as they’re made out to be.

Carolyn Boulay

Carolyn Boulay is a junior at Salisbury High School. She is very excited to be speaking at TEDxSalisburyHighSchool for the second time! She has chosen the topic of “What We Hide” because she feels being truthful about yourself to others allows you to be truthful to yourself. Carolyn is involved with the debate team, Key Club, theatre, and band at Salisbury. She plans to go to college for psychology in the future.

Laura Albright

Laura Albright is a “picture perfect” senior in the education system. Participating in tennis, basketball, long distance for track and field, Student Government Advisory, Class Advisory,  No Place for Hate, Key Club,  Debate, Model U.N., and has been the president of Students Against Destructive Decisions for the past two years. Of course, she is involved in her church’s youth group and holds two jobs. Outside of building a college resume, filled with AP classes and clubs, she enjoys outdoor sports and activities, learning about history, interpreting lyrics, and talking to humans, specifically adults. Yet, making people smile is still her favorite past time. Laura aspires to attend the University of North Georgia with a double major in Secondary Education, with a focus in history, and computer science. At the University, she will participate in ROTC and hopefully learn how to speak Russian. Her last aspiration is to make you smile by the end of her Ted talk.

Dane Galbraith

Dane Galbraith is a junior at Salisbury High School. and this is his first time speaking at a TedX event. Dane has been watching Ted talks for years, and he is glad to be able to participate in the event. Dane is a member of Class Advisory, No Place for Hate, and he is new to SADD this year. He would like to thank Mr. Wetherhold for inviting him to participate in the event.

Hali Letlow

Hali Letlow is a senior at Salisbury High School. She is Secretary of the Model United Nations team, Secretary of the senior class of 2015, and has participated in most Salisbury High School theatre productions since 2011. After high school, Hali hopes to study Communications and Theatre Arts at a college of her choice