The theme of this year’s  TEDx SalisburyHighSchool event is redefining reality.

New global challenges have forced our society to develop innovative solutions, and technology proliferation plays a strong role. However, in the process, individuals are faced with a subtle, yet important, crisis: reality. The generation currently training for its future is faced with the challenge of redefining reality, and the thought-provoking talks in this event will challenge the notions of reality and hypothesizes true reality’s future.

Jacob Glenister:  Redefining Values: Paul for the Modern Era  The basic idea is that our values for an ideal society in the modern world need to be changed from the traditional 3 in Corinthians to a more modern set based on the MIT hacker ethic. Redefining our values redefines society and that in turn redefines our view of reality.

Makenna Lenover:  Humanism, the Bandaid of Feminism  In her talk, Makenna looks to redefine our culture’s view of feminism. looking toward a new reality which she calls “universal humanism.”

Collin Moyer: The Highlight Reel…How Social Media Redefines Who We Are  In his talk, Collin will compare the reality of everyone’s personal lives to their Facebook – or everyone’s highlight reel. What does your social media page say about you? Or a better question is, what do your friends’ social media pages say about you? While many people think of Facebook as a great tool to socialize, they fail to recognize its true potential. What if we stop comparing and start connecting?

Alexus Baraket: What if Weird was the Norm?  The talk looks to redefine how society and people look at others for being eccentric, strange and odd. It’s how people think one’s mindset can be different to another and how arrogance plays a crucial role in diminishing ideas.

Leandra Roelker:  People and Their Problems   Nowadays, there are more psychological problems than there are letters of the alphabet. Depression being one of the major diagnoses, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States on some kind of anti-depressant or medication to fix their problems. Modern health care supports all these medications, but does “popping pills” fix the problem or just the symptoms?

Carolyn Boulay:  What We Hide  I discuss the values in accepting who we are and not changing for others.

Dane Galbraith:  Someday I want too…  A Challenged Based Learning Project led Dane to make his idea a reality. The Someday I want to… wall provides an open space for students to write and share their dreams, hopes, and goals for the future. With the wall being new to the school this year, some students don’t fully understand what the wall is made to do. How will this wall help students reach their goals? What will the students of Salisbury take away from this wall? How will this wall redefine reality for each individual person?

Daniel Walters: Change Your Mind By the time most people reach adulthood, the reality is they have already made up their minds on almost every major issue. Very few of their ideals will change after that because people would rather hear reinforcement and agreement, than have their ideas challenged. Times change, people change, and so should your opinion; it should be redefined.

Hali Letlow: The Wandering Mind Hali’s talk, titled “The Wandering Mind” stresses the importance of uninhibited thought. Her talk was inspired by the idea that when we concentrate too much on our external environments, it hinders our abilities to imagine. She asks the question, “is our society building robots, or is our society building thinkers?” 

Laura Albright: TBD